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Greeley Garage Door ServicesGarage doors services are only as good as their founders. When you need a good repair service, for any household need, it is best to choose one with ample experience so that you are sure of their dependability. Garage doors are a part of every home, and aid every family in going about their daily lives with comfort and ease. Here in Greeley, we can attest to how important garages and their doors are to storing and protecting belongings and vehicles from the elements. Greeley Garage Doors is here to address any and all of your garage door needs, major or minor.

Keep Your Garage Door Looking Good And Running Smoothly with Greeley Garage Doors

Garage doors are so helpful in our everyday lives. To keep a garage door happy and healthy, you must be attentive and provide maintenance when necessary, and call a quality company (such as Greeley Garage Doors) when necessary. In order to detect when your garage door needs some TLC, you can do a visual assessment every couple of months to help yourself out, as well as the technicians here at Greeley Garage Doors. The steps to a visual assessment are short and sweet:


  1. Press the button to operate the door. Observe the door movement and note any jerkiness or abnormal motion.
  2. Close the garage door, and look for the same signals.
  3. Examine the track and springs for rust or residue. If it’s been a while, lube the track up.
  4. Finally, you can test the sensors by placing a small item, such as a roll of paper towels, at the landing point of the door and close it to test the effectiveness of the sensors.

24 / 7 Garage Door Repairs Greeley COIf any of these steps alert you to a potential problem with your garage door, call a garage door repair service immediately. If you call Greeley Garage Doors, we will ensure a safe and trustworthy garage door for you and your family with every repair.

Your Garage Door Should Be Your Best Friend

The garage door is a complicated and intricate piece of work; one that demands a professional touch to stay in good condition. Here at Greeley Garage Doors, we specialize in spring and opener replacements, as well as general repairs and entire new garage door installations. Whether you want to give your home a new look, or if you’re forced because your door is on its last leg, a new garage door will greatly improve the quality and value of your home. We carry the entire lines of Amarr, Clopay, Dalton and most major brands of garage door – certainly the trendy and popular ones!

Greeley Garage Doors is a tried and true, grassroots Colorado business. We are proud to service the entire area with legendary, exemplary garage door repairs every time.

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You’ve seen our vans on your street, and if you ask the neighbors, they’ll only repeat: it’s areal pleasure to work with Greeley Garage Doors. Our technicians are some of the best in the whole state of Colorado. Not only are they experts in all garage door system repairs and installations, but they are also highly professional and friendly. See what all the hype is about, give Greeley Garage Doors a call today!

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