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Garage Door Spring Replacement Greeley COSprings are one of the most creative and fun inventions in the history of man. Slinkys are one of the best kids toys on the market, and have been for years, because the spring is such a great instrument. Letting that little metal coil find its way down a flight of stars is exhilarating…but that’s just the start of the capabilities of the spring. The garage door spring is one of the most used springs ever, to enable the safe operation of the garage door. Because everyone has a garage in their home, it is important that garages are a part of our way of life in Greeley, Colorado. As a lively and active community, we utilize the garage door mechanism to the fullest.

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Garage doors are composed of a couple main parts, and lots of cables and wires that enable the garage to perform its duties. Of these parts, there is a motor with an arm that opens the door, sensors and panels to promote safety, and springs to help balance and smoothly lift and close the door.

The springs may be the most overlooked part of the garage door. This is interesting, considering that they are the real muscle of the garage door. These galvanized torsion springs are strong enough to bear the weight of the heaviest wooden door, and will do so several times a day for up to ten years.

So, the next time you’re watching your garage door lift to let you in, say thank you from all of your kin. The springs come in different thicknesses to accommodate garage doors of all sizes and weights. We use a cute little color-coding scale that identifies the size and durability of each spring. Installing springs is difficult for several reasons: choosing the correct spring, installing the spring, and balancing the door, to name a few.

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Greeley Garage Door Spring ServicesAfter being in business for over twenty years, we have heard more than our share of repairs gone wrong, and many of these include someone getting hurt. If you consider how much tension the galvanized garage door spring is under, you can begin to imagine how dangerous replacing them with no professional skill is. Don’t be an overzealous do-it-yourselfer; save yourself time and stress by calling a professional when you hear the snap and the spring is whack. Greeley Garage Door Springs hires only the best specialists on this side of the Mississippi to replace your spring at the snap of a finger.

Greeley understands that the garage door is more than just a door; it’s a silent protector of our home and belongings. When the garage door is inoperable because of a broken spring, it can be a stressful thing, but calling a professional right away is the best decision to be made. Greeley Garage Door Springs sets an incredibly high standard for quality of repair, and customer service. Greeley Garage Door Springs will ensure that you get a speedy repair with outstanding customer service, anytime.

Greeley Garage Door Springs

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